Worksite Wellness

Count on our state-of-the-art techniques and technology to bring you immediate relief and lasting results. Get the complete treatment you need for orthopedic or soft tissue injuries from work, sports, or everyday activities. Combine that with personalized individual programs and you'll be on your road to recovery from your first visit with Achieve Results Physical Therapy.


Happy, Healthy Employees

Offer our personalized training to your employees and they'll learn better body alignment, efficient lifting techniques, and exercises that will improve their strength and flexibility in order to keep them performing their jobs without pain or injury!

A Safer Workplace

You can help prevent employee injuries by evaluating and improving body mechanics through our comprehensive workplace analysis, customized to your specific business and workplace environments. Contact us to start your program!

Prevent employee injuries in your workplace

Achieve Results Physical Therapy can help you educate your employees on how to take control of their physical well-being on the job. Showing your employees the importance of caring for themselves can greatly reduce workplace injuries and also lead to a decrease in workers' compensation claims. Contact us today if you'd like to improve the health of your employees.